Workgroup Printer TCO research project

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Apr 052013

Q4’2012 and Q1’2013 have been hectic with the completion of the imlememtation of VoIP and the kickoff of a Server room remodel. As the later project approaches completion a backlogged project has made it to the top of the queue: finding several decent multifunction workgroup printers. Requirements boil down to cost, cost of consumables, digital sending (scan to folder, scan to email), performnce, durability / dependability, remote managability, and and encrypted-HDD.

Budget ceiling is $3000 per department, and two departments have expressed interest. Recently procured and deployed an HP CM3530fs, and discoverd the nasty reality of expremely pricy toner cost, and some truly odd issues which have degraded my previously steadfast confidence in the brand. Also have experience with an aging Xerox Phaser solid ink color printer, which needs replacing.

One department has photo quality printing needs based on video snapshot printing use cases. That same department also needs a multi-function printer to participate in the division wide paper reduction effort: digital sending in the form of scan to network and scan to email. These needs might be best served by two printers. The other department can get by with a dedicated printer, but additional requirement are likely forthcoming.

Brands under consideration are essentially all that are available, with a need to whittle the selection group from many to five, and them from there create a matirx to help me match requirements to features, capabilties, and reviews. Base group so far includes Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Xerox. Have received quotes from three vendors for Dell, HP, and Lexmark. One vendor is pushing Dell printers, but research says that Dell rebrands Lexmark and Samsumg printers, and then ties clients to a single source of consumables.