Cisco CCNA lab stack

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Aug 032009

I’m slowly assembling a collection of routers, switches and firewalls with which to test my knowledge and try-out things which are not possible in production. I know I can use simulators but there is no replacing hands on experience, so I’m building out the lab stack. In my present Sys Admin day job we have Cisco 2600 premises router with a T-1 module, into a pair of ASA 5520s and 3750s for failover to the data center. Fun to administer but not much room for service interuption, but then there never is.� The home stack is two Cisco 36406416 and one 1720T1 routers, and a PIX 515E firewall. Next I need to acquire a switch or two, and so here are some canidates…

  • Cisco Kits–Dual 2501 16/16 Routers & Dual 2924 Switches (est. $359.00) this would also let me do those labs requiring four routers since I’d gain two additional routers for my stack. One of the switchs is a modular version
  • Cisco Kits–2924M-XL-EM Switch (est. $69.00)
  • Cisco Kits–Catalyst 2950 24 port switch (eat. $125.00)


OK, I made the decision and a stack of two routers and two switches now sit on my sofa, waiting for a more appropriate home. Both of the switches are modular 24-port 2924’s, and there are two transievers to simulate a WAN connection. I think I’ll pickup another transciever to grow the possibilities further yet. I had already procured the two 3640’s, the 1720 and the Pix, so my stack is sufficient to start the experiments. I’m looking forward to it; I think I’ll post a photo of the stack for posterity.� I actually have a rack, but I don’t think my wife would appreciate me brining the rack into the spare bed room. Come to tink of it I’ll have to do some creative wiring, and or be careful when powering up, and then there will be the noise-polution… hmm, perhaps I should bring it the rack, and enclose it and… more things to think about. is the place where I made the purchase, and I actually got an extended warrantee for $36.99, because I rationalized that the 30-day default might expire before I got the whole thing up and running.� The secondary projects take backseat to the paid gig, and those weeks pass so fast. Shipping was about $45.00 so I spent the better part of $500.00 for this gear.� Eventually, when I pass the certification, and get a better job these expense will be money well spent. So “manos de los obras” as wife would say, which translates as “hands to the tasks.”