About Techgoat

Techgoat was originally an effort to capture all the useful accomplishments that I encountered while working as a Help Desk and Systems Administrator. That gig passed and now Techgoat is a personal knowledge base into which I collect everything that interests me as long as it is related to computers and the internet.

There is something about a goat that interests me. Goats are sure footed, they will eat anything, and they are stubborn. Although time has not been good to me over the years, I like to think that I am still sure footed. I will eat nearly anything, and I am stubborn. So the concept of a goat works for me in my use of the internet, and I register domain names accordingly. My initial domain name registration was Techgoat.com, and then Helpgoat.com struck me as a domain name that would “help” me help myself as I gathered accomplishments and questions to further my career.  However, Helpgoat.com was based on Joomla and in October 2010 it was hacked and defaced. I have a bad habit of registering domain names, whenever I sense that it would be useful, and I have over 70 domains registered: all of which I will gladly sell if anyone sees one they want and is willing to contact me.

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